Loot is a hassle. Raid leaders, especially of large raids want it to be done with as quickly as possible. Encounters are done, credits recieved and now you have a pack(s?) full of loot items to dispurse among those that attended.

Serenitee's Camelot Lotto Sorter is a log parser for Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) Lotto style raids. Developed to speed lotto along, you are likely here because you have seen the viewable webpage for raid attendees (1.1).

The Raid View provides all loot delved to the battlegroup, the /random rolls (high to low is default), and once choices have been made - who (and their roll value) won what item.

Once installed on your web host (requires php5x and MySQL5.x - though will work on many php4x/mysql4x systems), you would log any item delves to bg and /random rolls - then use the parser located in the admin section to paste/then parse the logs. At this time you are ready for your raid attendees to view the page - and for you to make the item matches in the admin area (1.2).

This script has been written to be intiutive for the raid leader to move around and manage thier lotto, showing also who delved an item (in case the loot spanned multiple treasurers) as well as assigning an ID number (to assist you finding where it is in your pack). You will also see a tally of how many rolls, and how many items.

The admin menu gives full control to (1.3):
  • Add a late roll
  • Remove a roll that is invalid (drive by roller/bot roll)
  • Remove a loot item that was mistakenly delved
  • Undo a win (in case an attendee changes their mind or you marked an incorrect win)
  • Add Items by hand (especially useful when lottoing a "package" such as 1 each of respec stones from a dragon).
  • And more...
Download the Script Files, then unzip to a directory on your hard drive.

This script requires php5x and MySQL5.x (though will work on many php4x/mysql4x systems). Windows servers may handle data differently as this script has only been tested on Unix/Linux based servers.

If your server meets the requirements, you will create your database, username and password via your host's control panel or whatever method they choose, then please open "func.config.php" in a text editor (such as notepad - NOT A WORD PROCESSOR PROGRAM such as Word or Wordpad) and edit your Database information:

  • user: your database username, this is set by you when you created the database.
  • password: your database password, this is set by you when you created the database.
  • database: this is your database "name", given at time of database creation
  • dbserver: this is your actual mysql server name. Some hosts will allow "localhost" to be used, but most shared hosting have server names such as mysql.hostname.com.

Once you have made your changes in the config.php save it then upload all files to your host. You should have 3 files in your main directory (this can be a subdirectory of your main website - it does not have to be in your root directory):

  • index.php
  • seren-sorter.gif
  • sf.gif
And a subdirectory named "admin" will go inside your main directory and include 8 files:
  • admin.php
  • adminMenu.php
  • config.php
  • functions.php
  • html.php
  • index.php
  • roll-setup-db.php
  • start.php

Each of these files, other than the images (*.gif files), should be uploaded in ASCII mode (images in Binary mode ;).

You will then use your web browser to go to roll-setup-db.php, if you used a subdirectory of your site named "roll" as your main directory, the URL would look similar to this:


This script will set up the tables in your database for use. Please Note: these tables are prefaced with "Seren_" so that you can use the same database for multiple scripts. You should then see a successful message and you are ready to use the script, roll-setup-db.php should now be deleted from the server - it will not be needed again (leaving it on the server poses a risk that someone with ill-intent will use it again possibly deleting any data in your database).

Final Note: The admin directory should be password protected with an .htaccess/.htpasswd combination to keep unauthorized individuals from altering raid information or purging data. To not password this area leaves it open to outside manipulation! (Need a Tutorial?).

Enjoy! I hope your raid lotto was easier to administer ;)