2.7a January 18, 2010
Thank you Amy of Gaheris for pointing out an issue:
"When adding a roll not contained in the log manually prior to parsing the rolls, the addition shows as the first roll instead of sorting properly"

Well of course it does! Oh.. umm... yeah. I immediately knew why, as I'd not thought of someone adding a roll manually BEFORE parsing the log. This has now been corrected in this version.

Admin file(s) changed with this update: functions.php, html.php

If updating the script (not a new install):

  • Replace above Admin files with new

2.7 May 25th, 2009
Did a bit of housecleaning with some of the code, and added a timestamp feature. From the feedback I've been getting, it seems as though many share the same install with multiple people and some are not good at "cleaning up" after their raid - leaving a new raid, sometimes days later, wondering if they are interupting. I have added a timestamp to state when a new Lotto parse has started. This timestamp is an includes file on the Main Admin Page, directly under the logo. Upon parsing for loot, timestamp.txt will be updated with the date/time and not overwritten until the next loot parse.

Admin file(s) changed with this update: admin.php, functions.php, html.php
File(s) added this update: timestamp.txt (located in admin area).

If updating the script (not a new install):

  • Replace above Admin files with new
  • Upload timestamp.txt to admin directory
2.6: May 4th, 2008
When this script was first developed, it was written for large raids with oodles of loot (ML9, Sidi, etc). These days, though it is still used on the raids it was originally intended for - it tends to be used on "small man" raids even more often. On these smaller raids there is often more loot than people. With this in mind, added a new feature that allows you to re-populate the roll listing without reparsing the log file as well as some other stuff:
  • Added the ability to choose to run your Lotto by Decending (High to Low) or Ascending (Low to High). The default is High to Low, easily changed with the click of a radio button on the roll parsing form.
  • Upon initial parsing of rolls, the roll information is now stored in two tables. When the first round of selections is complete and you have loot remaining, you can now use one of two new links in the Roll Setup area:
    • Rolls from Table (Low to High) - Lowest Roll to Highest Roll
    • Rolls from Table (High to Low) - Highest Roll to Lowest Roll
    Adding a missing roll, or removing a roll will update both Roll tables, if someone is just passing one round - use the "pass" feature on the winner matching page instead of removing their roll.
  • Added a "Purge All" link to purge Rolls, Loot, and Winners at one time verses each individually. The individual purges remain - for instances where only one needs to be cleared.

Main file(s) changed with this update: index.php
Admin file(s) changed with this update: index.php, admin.php, adminMenu.php, html.php, functions.php, roll-setup-db.php

If updating the script (not a new install):

  • Replace the above files with the new
  • Drop the Lotto tables from your mysql db (done via phpmyadmin or similar database management tool - the tables for this script all have the preface of seren_)
  • Go to roll-setup-db.php in your browser and then delete it from your server after successful table creation.
2.5: August 16th, 2007
  • Added default value of 1 to manually added items, this can be overwritten by just changing the 1 to the amount needed.
  • Added "Roll Numbering" to both the Raid View page and Main Admin page as suggested by Lundon of Pellinor

Main File(s) changed with this update: index.php
Admin File(s) changed with this update: html.php, functions.php, admin.php, roll-setup-db.php

If updating the script (not a new install):

  • Replace the above files with the new
  • Drop the Lotto tables from your mysql db (done via phpmyadmin or similar database management tool - the tables for this script all have the preface of seren_)
  • Go to roll-setup-db.php in your browser and then delete it from your server after successful table creation.
2.4: July 30th, 2007
Added a new feature as suggested by Wyllow of Ector:
  • Addition of a form to manually add a loot item, for times when someone would win 2 items with one roll (such as dragon raids, 1 of each stone) or when an item just missed the delve. This new form can be found on the menu under "Roll Setup" and will allow you to type in the loot item and how many occurrences.

Corrected a small bug only effecting undoing a win of someone with an especially long name (this will require you to either drop the tables for this script in your database and re-run the new roll-setup-db.php - or manually reset any fields that are 30 in length to 60 via your hosts' phpmyadmin or other mysql database interface).

Also Updated Chat logging notes per the Windows Vista changes Mythic made relating to file placement.

Files effected: html.php, functions.php, roll-setup-db.php, adminMenu.php.

2.3: September 24, 2006
Well, another Sidi raid come & gone and no new unintended features found. During a Wishlist Arti raid a small issue was found:

  • When undoing a win the "Pass" choices were still going back up to the loot table. This I believe has now been corrected.
  • Started packaging script up for those that have requested to be able to install to their own servers.
  • Special thanks to Kelretic-Lancelot for being my first Beta Installer - and helping stomp out some pesky issues.

August 21, 2006
With trepidation, "BETA" is removed. Since the last fixes there have been an additional 9 tests with no further issues found. That of course does not infer there are no more issues, only none found ;) So, BETA removed, wheeeeee!

  • Added Jump links on Raid Attendee page to quickly get to wins or back to the top of the page for larger raids.
  • Added border to footer box.
  • Cleaned up interior (coding) notes, and added more in depth content in the NOTES area linked from the admin menu.

2.2: August 6, 2006
Second beta test, ML9 led by Falden (Gaheris). Sometimes you just have a, well.. a "duh" moment:

  • Items with apostrophes now enter the winner tables in the database too (should've thought of that when I fixed the loot table /sigh ).
  • Winners will now only win 1 of any same named item (not all items of the same name if there are more than 1).
  • When Undoing a Win where the raid attendee is getting another choice (more loot than rollers), it will not undo all wins, only the specifically chosen win.
Per suggestions, added:
  • Viewable ID numbering for numbered lotto method.
  • Link in Menu to "Quick Jump" to the Winner Match submit button
2.1: July 29, 2006 (Beta)
First real test, Caer Sidi led by Edenslams (Iseult) - or otherwise known as: the day the sorter failed. Three main issues found and corrected:
  • Items with apostrophes will now enter the database and show on the admin and raid attendee view.
  • Rolls from players on clustered servers will now be properly parsed and added to the roll database.
  • Corrected "Remove a Loot Item" so that it will only remove 1 item of same named loot instead of all instances of it.
Per suggestions, added:
  • Total Roll Count Remaining to Main Admin and Raid Attendee Pages
  • Total Loot Count Remaining to Main Admin and Raid Attendee Pages
  • "Delved by:" addition to loot area, to quickly see non-raidleader delves, or who's pack it came from when loot spans more than 1 treasurer.
  • Changed Main Admin, Attendee View, and Remove a Loot item loot information to show in Alphabetical descending order for better viewing and quicker matching.
  • Special thanks to Eden for being a willing guinea pig *cough*oops, raidleader*cough* and upbeat even in failure.
2.0: July 26, 2006
Version 2? So soon? Yeah, well.. sometimes you just have to nearly start over...
  • Complete organizational overhaul (back end) to provide added security, easier setup, easier future updates and just generally get rid of some crappy coding. The script will now use less server resources to run, and is better protected from malicious attempts to alter functions.
  • Added Header Image
  • Corrected the ability to manually add a roll of zero
  • When Undoing a win that was previously set as a "Player has chosen to pass", loot database will no longer have an item named [Pass]
  • Separated admin directory from the Attendee View page so that it can be password protected to avoid outside interference.

1.2: July 24, 2006

  • Feature "Undo Win" added to remove a win and place the roller and item back so they can choose a different item.
  • Added safety check for GET

1.1: July 23, 2006 - Per first rounds of ALPHA testing, reorganized layout and added features:

  • Separated Log parsing into 2 pages (Add Loot and Add Rolls from Log) to decrease confusion.
  • Added "Add a Roll" feature for late roll or proxy roll addition to database
  • Added "Remove a Roll" feature for the ability to remove invalid (drive-by) rolls or those who have left and do not want to partake.
  • Added "Remove a Loot Item" to remove items mistakenly delved (what? it happens.. that sleeping kitten is NOT up for grabs!).
  • Renamed some of the admin choices to increase clarity
  • Added notes section to menu
  • Added additional Error Trapping in various portions of the script so raid leader will know what went wrong (instead of a pretty little blank screen).
  • Merged files for easier personal install.
  • Added "Serenity Faith" logo.
Thank you to my script testers, their unintended feature finding and suggestions.

1.0: July 18, 2006 - Original (Pre-)Release of script (Alpha). Features including:

  • Chat Log Parser (for rolls and loot)
  • Main Admin page to manage Lotto
  • Table Purge to clear data
  • Attendee View page for raid attendees to see the winner order and loot available, as well as the items that have been won and their winner